Cyber internet cafe software

With HandyCafe you can correctly manage your cybercafe. Thanks to the firewall feature, your computer will be completely protected against harmful web based attacks. You can access all computers in your network directly with HandyCafe's remote control system and make all the changes you need without moving from your desk.

HandyCafe lets you open individual accounts for all cashiers and employees and give authorization as you wish. You can also report all revenues of cashiers and processes at any time. HandyCafe has a design that enables you to monitor and manage all computers totally or individually.

You can automatically supervise the printer in your internet cafe while your customer is using it, and then price the process. HandyCafe makes your timing process for other income provider tools and games like PlayStation, Backgammon, Billiards, Chess, etc., and reports all results. All operations in your cafe will be easily done due to reliable and easy to adjust price options.



HandyCafe 2.1.34 se

— User reviews — about HandyCafe

  • gururaj

    by gururaj


    really superb ..i love handy cafe.. this software is remove headache to maintain customer database ..and very usefull ... More.

    reviewed on September 12, 2010